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Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 04:01:14 GMT

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    Hi Francesca S. Alcorn -

    >And that is precisely what I valued about what you were doing with
    >this. The line you were drawing, at least reminded us what is
    >knowable in a scientific way, and what is not. The
    >meaning/motivation for adopting a certain behavior is conjecture.

    Yes, that is what I wanted to get across. The meme-as-behavior-only
    seemed to me to be the only route out of conjecture and just-so stories,
    along with the whole idiocy of seeing memes everywhere one looks. I
    didn't like it. It wasn't scientific. It was pop lingo hand-waving.

    Oh well....

    I'm about to join Aaron, and just stop using the damn word.

    - Wade

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