Re: Do all memes die out or evolve? I think not.

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Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 02:23:58 GMT

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    > >But now I have a question. If two identical memes arise in two
    >>completely different environments, are they the same meme?
    >Or to reword the question, is the context-free meme simpliciter
    >definitional, or is it instead the relationship between the meme and
    >its gestalt context that defines the meme? Or is it an either-or?

    My inclination on this is the first one. I don't know a lot about
    genetics but it seems that genes can influence how other genes are
    expressed. That doesn't mean that the chemical structure of the gene
    itself has changed, only it's expression is modified. I think of
    memes in the same way: context may influence the expression of
    certain memes, but the memes themselves remain the same. Like my
    example of intolerance in an earlier post. There may be memes of
    non-violence, or freedom of expression etc which may inhibit the
    expression of the meme of intolerance in violent ways. Other memes
    may actually encourage violence (belief in an afterlife). Certain
    meme combinations are particularly volatile.

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