Re: Do all memes die out or evolve? I think not.

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Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 00:59:13 GMT

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    > > If the meme is semantic content, how do we approach this change
    >> in meaning? What stays the same, and what changes?
    >> How can meme1 be meme2?
    >I think the 'historic' meme stays the same (the form). What
    >changes is the environment of that meme, which consists mostly
    >of other memes which changed. Our understanding and
    >interpretation does not only result from the historic meme but also
    >from the sourrounding/referring ones.

    But you do not think the same way you did 15 years ago, and the
    argument could be made that *you* are not the same person you were 15
    years ago. But we recognize that there is some continuity there
    which causes us to call you the same person.

    But now I have a question. If two identical memes arise in two
    completely different environments, are they the same meme?

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