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    >Can a person infected by a meme casually tell the difference between the
    >meme and what is 'real'? My gut feeling is that the two may be
    >indistinguishable to the person. The content of a well-received meme
    >becomes an undistinguishable part of the person's sense of reality.

    Can *any* of us tell the difference between what is "real" and what
    is a meme? We carry around in our brains a "map" of reality based on
    our experiences, our ideas and our attributional style. No two
    people's maps of the world are the same, and to borrow a concept from
    semantics, the map is *not* the territory.

    This process of incorporating memes is ubiquitous. We all fall
    victim to the illusion that our sense of reality somehow *is* reality.

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