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Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 00:38:10 GMT

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    Hey Joe:

    > > "Lawrence DeBivort" <> <> RE:
    > Modes of transmissionDate: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 16:07:53 -0500
    > >Reply-To:
    > >
    > >Hi, Joe -- I'm not sure what you are 'refuting.' Are you saying that the
    > >categories you are proposing on don't have sensory and brain-functional
    > >correlates?
    > >
    > >
    > >> >In designing memes, we specify the means of transmission to be
    > >> used, and, as
    > >> >a subset of this, which sensory channel(s) will be used. These correspond
    > >> >generally to your four categories, Joe: auditory-tonal, auditory-digital
    > >> >(e.g. words, phrases), visual, kinesthetic (touch/emotional feeling),
    > >> >gustatory (taste), and olefactory (smell).
    > >> >
    > >> >If the content of the meme is demonstrated (your 'show'?), several of the
    > >> >sensory channels can be involved.
    > >> >
    > >> >Lawrence
    > >> >
    > >> One comment to refute this: ASL (American Sign Language) is
    > >> communicated visually, verbal discourse is communicated
    > >> auditorily, and braille is communicated tactilely. All are
    > >> categorized under the communication mode, telling or saying.
    > >
    >I am refuting the fallacious notion that methods of transmission
    >correspond to, and can be mapped onto, modes of perception in a one-to-one
    > >

    I agree. I think maybe a better term to use for some of these methods is
    "linguistic". They all use words in one form or another to replicate
    information by written word, signing or whatever. They reflect a mental
    capacity for language that is independent of the actual sense that is used.

    After a bit of reflection but I would suggest the following categories.

    Linguistic -
                     Spoken language
                     Sign language
                     Recorded -
                     Non-directed (the pure imitation category)
                     Descriptive (non-linguistic demonstration)
                     primary - (where an artifact's existence transmits the
    meme for its own creation)
                     secondary - (where an artifact conveys transmits a meme
    for something other than its own creation)

    There must be some field of academic study that has done this sort of
    categorization before though.

    Ray Recchia

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