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Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 19:15:15 GMT

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    At 12:42 PM 16/01/02 -0500, "Lawrence DeBivort" <>

    >Excellent observation, Ted. And not just with regard to 'pathological'

    >Can a person infected by a meme casually tell the difference between the
    >meme and what is 'real'? My gut feeling is that the two may be
    >indistinguishable to the person. The content of a well-received meme
    >becomes an undistinguishable part of the person's sense of reality.

    The pathological cases are more interesting. And to use scientologists as
    an example, the ones who have gone that far in the UFO cult really do think
    they are infested with thousand of spirits of murdered space aliens and
    they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on "auditors" and "e-meters"
    scraping them off.


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