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    Do others on the list also get Kenneth's message about suicide rate for the
    umpth time?
    At 12:12 PM 1/16/2002 +0100, you wrote:

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    >From: Keith Henson <>
    > > >Black Friday. Ease of access to guns. "Disintegration of family
    > > >values." Even in the whole "going postal" thing there was some
    > > >discussion of the "corporate culture" of the USPS which lead to greater
    > > >employee stress and unhappiness. The media reports confound the issue,
    > > >because you don't know whether or not the suicides would have happened if
    > > >it weren't reported. I don't think there is ever an instance where
    > > >someone commits suicide only because of the media, there is usually other
    > > >stuff going on in their life. And there are certainly forces which
    > > >large populations, so they are happening in many people's lives
    > > >simultaneously. This starts to sound like my history class: sufficient
    > > >causes, final causes and contributing causes. It's rarely an
    > > >all-or-nothing matter.
    > >
    > > Certainly true. But these effects with the exception of an economic upset
    > > are spread out in time, not concentrated. If I remember correctly the
    > > suicide rate picks up a for a few weeks after a famous suicide and not at
    > > other times. If this is the case, it would seem to me media influence is
    > > causing, at least accelerating some of the suicides.
    >Hi all, Hi Keith,
    >The suicide rate of the one who succeeded pick up for a few weeks.
    >The rates of trying are on average, in Belgium, 100 a day ! That number
    >stays unfortunate the same....
    >Suicide is by boys and girls up to 24 the first way to die after traffic-
    >The media is, atleast to some investigations to blame as to be the catalyst
    >for people to commit suicide after ' a famous suicide '.
    >In the Netherlands, after a serie of 7 family- tragedies, the media was
    >asked not to report futher and exensively about such drama's. The
    >tragedies descreased extremely. That is not to say, that is the reason
    >why, but there is in the case of suicide an important difference with the
    >notion that sex and violence shown on TV influences our children.
    >Atleast by suicide it seems that the media plays a role. ( Vincent !?)
    >In the weekend of the 12/ 13 January, in Brussels 2 girls, aged 13 and
    >15 jumped, tied together, from the 10 floor of their building.
    >Both had a psychiatric background. Understandable, I would say, but
    >the case that 2 girls jumped tied together is rare.
    >Not even 24 hours later a boy, aged 16 crashed to the floor of the
    >Counts Castle here in Ghent. Investigations so far indicate that the boy
    >committed suicide. Specialists called such a phenomenon copycat.
    >More investigations does indicate that correct information about suicide
    >prevents that others do the same.
    >Also it seems that in contrast with Holland that we in Belgium must
    >overcome more obstacles than the Dutch to go to a schrink or psycho-
    >logist. That is atleast IMO, of great importance, the difference beween
    >Holland and Belgium is not found only in how we behave, act or think,
    >but also how we account for, in cognitive ways, the notion of religion,
    >ethics etc. The religion part, protestant contra catholic seems just to
    >clearefy just an assumption.

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