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    From: Keith Henson <>

    > >Black Friday. Ease of access to guns. "Disintegration of family
    > >values." Even in the whole "going postal" thing there was some
    > >discussion of the "corporate culture" of the USPS which lead to greater
    > >employee stress and unhappiness. The media reports confound the issue,
    > >because you don't know whether or not the suicides would have happened if
    > >it weren't reported. I don't think there is ever an instance where
    > >someone commits suicide only because of the media, there is usually other
    > >stuff going on in their life. And there are certainly forces which
    > >large populations, so they are happening in many people's lives
    > >simultaneously. This starts to sound like my history class: sufficient
    > >causes, final causes and contributing causes. It's rarely an
    > >all-or-nothing matter.
    > Certainly true. But these effects with the exception of an economic upset
    > are spread out in time, not concentrated. If I remember correctly the
    > suicide rate picks up a for a few weeks after a famous suicide and not at
    > other times. If this is the case, it would seem to me media influence is
    > causing, at least accelerating some of the suicides.

    Hi all, Hi Keith,

    The suicide rate of the one who succeeded pick up for a few weeks.
    The rates of trying are on average, in Belgium, 100 a day ! That number
    stays unfortunate the same....
    Suicide is by boys and girls up to 24 the first way to die after traffic-
    The media is, atleast to some investigations to blame as to be the catalyst
    for people to commit suicide after ' a famous suicide '.

    In the Netherlands, after a serie of 7 family- tragedies, the media was
    asked not to report futher and exensively about such drama's. The
    tragedies descreased extremely. That is not to say, that is the reason
    why, but there is in the case of suicide an important difference with the
    notion that sex and violence shown on TV influences our children.
    Atleast by suicide it seems that the media plays a role. ( Vincent !?)

    In the weekend of the 12/ 13 January, in Brussels 2 girls, aged 13 and
    15 jumped, tied together, from the 10 floor of their building.
    Both had a psychiatric background. Understandable, I would say, but
    the case that 2 girls jumped tied together is rare.
    Not even 24 hours later a boy, aged 16 crashed to the floor of the
    Counts Castle here in Ghent. Investigations so far indicate that the boy
    committed suicide. Specialists called such a phenomenon copycat.

    More investigations does indicate that correct information about suicide
    prevents that others do the same.
    Also it seems that in contrast with Holland that we in Belgium must
    overcome more obstacles than the Dutch to go to a schrink or psycho-
    logist. That is atleast IMO, of great importance, the difference beween
    Holland and Belgium is not found only in how we behave, act or think,
    but also how we account for, in cognitive ways, the notion of religion,
    ethics etc. The religion part, protestant contra catholic seems just to
    clearefy just an assumption.



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