Re: Has anybody read this book?

Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 08:35:25 GMT

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    >I just came across this title: Why God Won't Go Away by >Andrew
    >Neuberg, Eugene D'Aquili and Vince Rause. The blurb says >that they
    >say the religious impulse is rooted in the biology of the >brain. Has
    >anyone read this? Is it any good?

    I haven't seen the book in the shops yet, but I did read a longish article published a couple of years ago:

    D'Aquili EG and Newberg AB (1998) The neuropsychological basis of religions, or why God won't go away. Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science 33, 187-202. There's a guy called Ramachandran in San Diego who says much the same thing in one episode of his TV series:

    This sort of thing has been on the go for decades in a rather disparate way, but these authors are the first to sort of pull together all the information from various sources - comparative religion, neurology, sociology etc. Based on their Zygon article, I'd certainly want to read the book.


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