Paranoid Schizophrenia and Memetics

Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 15:30:17 GMT

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    Subject: Paranoid Schizophrenia and Memetics
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    So okay i want to write something. My interest in memetics began
    because i was wondering why people are so interested in cultural
    works and why so much efforts and time gets spend on media
    products, art, trends...

    Spending some months in this group i was discussing and reading
    about what memes actually are and other not really meme-relevant

    What i still don't understand is what memes are actually about. Are
    they developing and evoluting indepently from us. Do they live in a
    virtual sphere where their evolution happens? Is their evolution
    based on us, do WE select them? So there are these different
    opinions, some say that memes are just tools to be used by

    But there are too many things i don't understand, where's the fight
    between different cultural, religious, economic systems coming
    from. If memes are just tools for the individual to use why all the
    fight and the flamewars in newsgroups?

    For me i think memes are on a large scale mostly about cultural
    influence and as culture is the most important environmental factor
    in todays human life yeah memes are used to produce cultural
    situations where certain genes will survive.

    Maybe i'm totally fucked out crazy but doesn't it make sense? We
    try to shape the world so that we and the people we like can
    survive in it. But everyone has different ideas and beliefs about how
    such a world has to be. When someone like Jesus comes around
    there's a person who unites a large number of people's ideas and
    feelings about how bad things are and how they should rather be.

    That's where memetic evolution comes from. Maybe this is all not
    relevant at all (cause it's fact) and discussion and knowledge of it is
    useless, one shall rather discuss and change culture than observe
    how and why it's done at all.

    Rather fuck than talking about the biological sense of it.
    Rather start a revolution than talking about the evolutionary sense
    of it.

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