Re: Knowledge, Memes and Sensory Perception

From: Wade T. Smith (
Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 13:52:20 GMT

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    On 01/15/02 08:25, Ray Recchia said this-

    >If someone tells you that "The earth revolves around the sun" in Japanese
    >they have behaved quite differently than they would if that told you that
    >same thing in English.

    No argument. But they have performed this meme in a cultural vacuum- I
    don't speak japanese. Their meme cannot be replicated by me.

    >You would label these two separate memes.

    I would. (At least right now, now that I'm on my meme-is-behavior-only

    >If you
    >tell someone that "The earth revolves around the sun in English" and they
    >pass this information along to someone else in Japanese there would be no
    >correlation under your proposed memetic theory and no passage of memes at

    If I performed this meme in english, I would do so only knowing that my
    audience understands english to a sufficient degree, and is prepared to
    translate my performance, to the best of their ability, for a japanese
    audience. I hope that, if I've performed this meme with enough accuracy
    and simplicity, that further behaviors of this audience will be fairly
    complete replications of this, and thus my meme lives. It ain't the same
    meme, as no two things are identical, but, within memetic parameters, the
    meme replicates the most that gets understood for replication the best.

    >Haven't we been around this circle way too many times now?

    I don't want to run around in circles at all. And this tangential vector
    of mine is not a circle, not is it contained in one.

    - Wade

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