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Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 09:04:17 GMT

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    At 07:47 PM 1/14/2002 -0800, Joe Dees wrote:

    > >
    > >At 05:49 PM 1/14/2002 -0800, Joe Dees wrote:
    > >
    > >>Then perhaps I-mode and C-mode.
    > >
    > >That works better. Guess you would have to add in an A-mode too. I would
    > >put writing in the C-mode because it is just using language in another
    > >form and a film of someone performing an activity in the I-mode. The A-mode
    > >would apply in instances when an artifact devoid of C-mode or I-mode
    > >conveys function. Such an artifact would qualify as a mode of memetic
    > >transfer because it was created by someone with a meme for the purpose of
    > >implementing the meme.
    > >
    > >> It is clear, however, that many memetic significances that cannot be
    > >> bodily demonstrated are linguistically communicable.
    > >
    > >My initial impulse was to agree completely. However I am not sure that
    > >there are any concepts that could not be bodily demonstrated with a little
    > >creativity. I do think though that the more abstract something is the more
    > >difficult it is to demonstrate bodily and the more efficient language
    > >becomes by comparison.
    > >
    >The A-mode appears to be a good idea, and resolves a status confusion
    >relating to artifactual memetic transfer.
    >As to what cannot be demonstrated in the absence of a linguistic system
    >(including signing and mathematics), howzabout "A coward dies a thousand
    >deaths; the valiant die but once" or E=MC*2? It's kinda hard to show
    >either one.
    > >

    "A coward dies a thousand deaths" would be fairly easy to demonstrate and
    is actually instinctual to some degree. "He who doesn't fight doesn't get
    laid" is pretty much the rule in primates. E=mc^2 is kind of hard but you
    could show various forms of energy to convey to convey the concept of
    energy and then use some analogy with chemical combustion to demonstrate
    the conversion of matter into energy. I would agree that there are memes
    that a C-mode is better at communicating but I would hesitate to put an
    absolute label and say that there are memes that can only be replicated in
    one form or another.

    This mode thing looks pretty good though. Houston we have lift off.

      In another post Joes Dees also wrote:
    >Another mode, in addition to the imitation, communication and artifact
    made, would be a D-mode, for depiction.

    Give an example.

    Ray Recchia

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