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Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 07:15:16 GMT

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    >On 01/14/02 01:35, Philip Jonkers said this-
    >>Actors simply mimic other people.
    >As a student of the drama, well, that statement is
    narrow, to an extreme.
    >Besides, at core, acting is not the mimicry of other
    people (that's
    >caricaturization, a subset of genre-based
    techniques), but, is the
    >presentation of simulated emotive responses. Method
    acting removes the
    >simulation, ostensibly.

    Well, I don't necessarily mean living persons rather
    characters brought about by the imagination of the
    actor. Isn't method acting used to give a better basis
    of imagination by developing the character to higher
    extent. But I'm not an actor myself, perhaps you can
    fill me in on what acting is all about then?


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