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    What about role playing? Everyone knows what a father or mother is supposed
    to act like, even though it's different in every society. Children act out
    all the roles of people they see around them and have pretty firm ideas what
    cowboys, indians, firemen and policemen are supposed to act like. Whatever
    job we take up, there are preconceived ideas about relationships and
    responsibilities which go with it that aren't part of any job description.
    Acting is professional role playing, but growing up and taking on a job also
    require us to act according to a set of acting memes.


    >From: "Philip Jonkers" <>
    >Subject: Re: Scientology
    >Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 01:35:18 -0500
    > >> By the way, has anybody recognized that acting is
    > >> quitessential example of imitation. Actors simply
    > >> mimic other people.
    > > We could also relate this to advertising and
    >kids, the way they randomly
    > >quote from ads, movies, (jim carey for example) this
    >is incredible at times,
    > >yet not all kids do this, it seems to
    > >depend on their personality. So would this mean we
    >all interpret and pass
    > >on memes in a different way or am I off track here?
    >Imitation and compliance often go hand in hand and
    >both are indispensible to maintain coherence of
    >society and to advance it. All kids have their idols
    >I think, but some are more open about it than others.

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