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Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 06:35:18 GMT

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    >> By the way, has anybody recognized that acting is
    >> quitessential example of imitation. Actors simply
    >> mimic other people.

    > We could also relate this to advertising and
    kids, the way they randomly
    >quote from ads, movies, (jim carey for example) this
    is incredible at times,
    >yet not all kids do this, it seems to
    >depend on their personality. So would this mean we
    all interpret and pass
    >on memes in a different way or am I off track here?

    Imitation and compliance often go hand in hand and
    both are indispensible to maintain coherence of
    society and to advance it. All kids have their idols
    I think, but some are more open about it than others.


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