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Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 00:23:19 GMT

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    >The original purpose of memes indeed was to function
    >as tools. Maybe the lot of them can still be put
    >into that category, I don't know. You're probably
    >right at least on the majority of them being tools.
    >The original function of memes was that they were
    >valuable for humans. They increased survival chances
    >of its hosts. Consequently the human brain had a
    >true interest in stimulating meme-processing activity.
    >The early humans who were most engaged with meme
    >processing survived and bred best. A selective
    >pressure for meme-affinity built up.

    It may be that the *ability* to produce memes increased
    survivability, or perhaps it was the production of one or two
    specific memes which enhanced our survivability. All other memes may
    be a fortunate (or unfortunate) by-product.

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