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    At 11:55 AM 14/01/02 +0000, Vincent Campbell <>
    > >>There IS also a wealth of natural experimental evidence that
    > >>effects expected by disinhibition - which you can also dismiss
    >because >>not
    > >>all variables are controlled for - precisely because they are
    >conducted >>in
    > >>the real world.


    > <Classic one being the well documented spikes that occur in suicides
    > > after the suicide of some public person.>
    > >
    > These have been discussed previously on the list. Showing a
    >correlation does not show a causal relationship,

    Right. For a causal relation to be suspected the "caused" event must
    happen later in time, and the alternative of both being caused by some
    unknown event must be ruled out or at least considered unlikely. I
    consider it possible but unlikely that the spike in suicides following
    media reports has a common relation to some unknown event. Do you have a
    different opinion?

    >and the way that "classic"
    >study represented the data was to suggest a high level of insidious media
    >power, which is highly disputable. Let's just say that Phillips' work is
    >not top of the list of recommended reading on media effects units on media
    >studies courses.

    Can you suggest a better study?

    Keith Henson

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