RE: Knowledge, Memes and Sensory Perception

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Date: Mon Jan 14 2002 - 14:17:05 GMT

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    Hi Keith,

            <I think in a post analysis the real competition will be seen as
    > "western" culture and everything else. "Western" in this sense includes
    > Japan and the advanced countries of south Asia as well as the more
    > traditional countries. Japan, for example, contributes significant
    > cultural elements to the rest of "Western" culture. "Popular" is another
    > name for it. Religion is not a major element.>
            If only the last sentence were true.

            <It's hard to describe all the major elements, but music, fashion,
    > and TV shows are parts of it. High tech gadgets are part of it, and to a
    > lesser extent, the free market environment it takes to make them. (No way
    > you can do a 5 year plan to produce things nobody has invented yet!)
    > Near as I can tell nobody in power cares if western/popular culture pushes
    > into Islamic culture and displaces it or not. Because it is not static,
    > the older leaders of the western countries usually express disdain for
    > their own popular culture. Can't blame them, piercings give me
    > fantods. (Meme of the day, nipple rings and chain mail is a bad
    > combination.)>
            Try reading Edward Said's book 'Orientalism'. You'll see there
    evidence of a huge amount of cultural, political, economic and so on
    investment in appropriating, containing and controlling oriental culture.
    Who does the European Union regard as a threat socially? The East,
    particularly the Islamic East- look at the reticence of the EU to take
    Turkey's application for membership seriously. What gets Americans cross?
    When Japanese companies start buying up US ones.


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