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Date: Mon Jan 14 2002 - 14:27:02 GMT

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    On 01/14/02 01:35, Philip Jonkers said this-

    >Actors simply mimic other people.

    As a student of the drama, well, that statement is narrow, to an extreme.

    Besides, at core, acting is not the mimicry of other people (that's
    caricaturization, a subset of genre-based techniques), but, is the
    presentation of simulated emotive responses. Method acting removes the
    simulation, ostensibly.

    >Memes to actually improve the ability to imitate, isn't it funny?

    Acting, and storytelling, have been around for awhile. And imitation is
    part of our physical genetic toolkit.

    Basic play in children involves acting and imitation. Nothing new there.
    It is funny, often, and is rewarded for being funny.

    - Wade

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