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Date: Mon Jan 14 2002 - 06:35:59 GMT

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    >But to answer the question, being "smart, caring,
    capable people" does not
    >protect you from being sucked in any more than it
    keeps you from becoming a
    >drug addict.
    >If you think about how scientology and other cults
    reward people, namely
    >attention, and a simulation of improving status, the
    high numbers of actors
    >in it makes sense. After all, why did these people
    want to become actors
    >in the first place?

    Marx called religion: opium for the people. Indeed
    a tranquilizer it is, it puts the thinking mind to
    sleep and `softens' you up with fairy tales and make-
    believe. Interesting perspective religion as addiction,
    I have a T-shirt with the imprint: Religion addiction
    is curable (from Evolve-Fish).

    By the way, has anybody recognized that acting is your
    quitessential example of imitation. Actors simply
    mimic other people. The coming of method-acting
    increased accuracy of imitation even further.
    Memes to actually improve the ability to imitate,
    isn't it funny?


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