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Date: Sun Jan 13 2002 - 15:05:40 GMT

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    Hi Grant,
    I am 4 days behind with my post, wrote,

    > For a loner, you seem to communicate with a lot of people.

    << You can compare this with having a LAT- relationship. I communicate
    with the people upon this list and others but I stay on my island, as you
    it. Communicating does not mean to spill out all of your gut feelings.
    Don 't get me wrong, I love memetics and I like the discussions, but to be
    part of a ' group ' is not my cop of tea. I am, from your point of view, and
    I understand I am, but it is not with my content.

     But most of the kids I grew up with were not really
    > indoctrinated. They just went along with what their parents were doing
    > because that's what they felt comfortable with. The tribal part came with
    > the peers they decided to hang around with.

    << Do you think so !? Are you pretty sure !? You say it in the above, not
    really indoctinated, but they followed just their parents !? What is the
    difference !? Where is your choise in this !? Indoctrination can take many
    Did your parents or your grandmother never said not to hang out with cer-
    tain kind of guys and people !? You can call it, protection if you like, but
    deep within you are indoctrinated with all kind of belief- systems. You can
    not escape it ! Is the notion not to have sex before marriage a kind of in-
    doctrination or a way of protecting you against the hazzards of life !?

    And maybe is it very hard to believe but I do not have a circle of friends,
    or a particular friend for that matter. If you call memetics a group with a
    simular view on evolution than you can call us, me part of a ' religion', I
    a particular attitude, it was my choise, but then again, it was ' forced'
    me due to certain cicumstances. This list does have a positive attitude upon
    me, I learn a lot, I meet interesting people, but that is not, IMO, as much
    as a religious choise ! Please !

    I ain 't gonna say that your point of view is due to the ways where into you
    were raised, as much as me, but the difference lies in the way you and I see
    the world around us. You were, that can be found in your post, always
    surrounded with other people, moreover, you deliberate seeked out, or they
    searched for you, other guys, to hang out with. I did not !
    You were ' indoctrinated ' by the notion of being part of some peer- group,
    I was not, I am an individual, due like I said by cicumstances beyond my
    The way by which you see how members of societies act is just due to that
    fact, you think in the ' group ' form, I am more individualistic.

    Everybody, picked out peers who dare to rebel, no matter how you de-
    terminate that term. I did too, but after a while I saw the imcompleteness
    of such a group and lost interest, still.
    Religion is not only the practical side of the matter, though.
    I live in Belgium, a very old catholic region of the world. Our laws, our
    rules, behavior, ethics, manners, attitudes, language are packed with
    christian dispositions. It is not that I did not attend a catholic school
    I wasn 't indoctrinated with their garbage. We, your daughter, you and I
    pick up memes, unconsciously and live by their rules.



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