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    From: Keith Henson <>
    > People *often* die in heroic acts. And it make no difference if you or I
    > think he was doing something stupid, what is important to understand his
    > actions from an evolutionary psychology viewpoint is how he felt about it.

    Hi Keith, sorry for the delay. Got a lot to do and still there is more
    anyway, what you wrote above and can agree with. That is exactly the
    main point ! All the rest is due to speculation.

    > >Obtaining attention and a wife were not the boys
    > >motives to crash a plane in a building !
    > I disagree. A substantial fraction of what people do is directed toward
    > gaining status. Those actions led directly to reproductive success (most
    > of the time and in a tribal environment).

    << Yes, of course, but such assumption can' t be applied here !
    What did the boy exept !? To live and tell about it !?
    To get a wife and tell his children and grandchildren about his heroic
    exploits !?
    To get any reproductive success out of killing himself !?
    Status seems logical to me, he, maybe earned a footnote in history, but that
    will be all.

    > >Setting fire to a nearby wood would not have giving the same impact
    > >than crashing a plane in a building !
    > >Teens imitate teens, remerber ! Nurture by the kin- group is far more
    > >important than the teaching of the eldery, parents, bin Laden or other-
    > >wise !
    > Maybe, but the note found on him was clear about bin Laden.

    << Yes, to give himself the credit of having an attitude, to give any
    of importance, to make a ' statement ' ! But what is the real meaning of
    such writings !? Kids do, and say the darnest things. I do understand that,
    we the eldery, do not listen to what kids have to say, we don 't see the
    for help which kids throw at us, but on the other hand, and that is my view,
    some cries are indeed very real, are legitimate, but don 't throw away the
    child out of the kid !! Some kids do stupid things, but there is no reason
    to look for deeper meanings. We think we have to, to understand the kids,
    and that is maybe our mistake !!



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