RE: Knowledge, Memes and Sensory Perception

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Date: Sun Jan 13 2002 - 06:52:18 GMT

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    I agree with your analysis. It makes a lot of sense.

    > wrote:
    >>Bush (wisely) didn't want to declare war on the entire Islam world, just
    >>regimes that were harboring terrorism. Many of these groups have developed
    >>puppet governments that claim to be shocked, shocked by the terrorist acts
    >>while secretly being part of the good ol' gang. I am not convinced, as
    >>Howard Bloom fears, that we are heading for an inevitable war with the
    >>entire Islam religion. But I sure hope our leaders are preparing for the
    >>No, I'm not anti-Islam, or anti-Christian for that matter. But I have a
    >>great wariness towards virulent cultural organisms (mind viruses) that
    >>world domination as an integral goal. Even America.
    >I think in a post analysis the real competition will be seen as between
    >"western" culture and everything else. "Western" in this sense includes
    >Japan and the advanced countries of south Asia as well as the more
    >traditional countries. Japan, for example, contributes significant
    >cultural elements to the rest of "Western" culture. "Popular" is another
    >name for it. Religion is not a major element.
    >It's hard to describe all the major elements, but music, fashion, movies
    >and TV shows are parts of it. High tech gadgets are part of it, and to a
    >lesser extent, the free market environment it takes to make them. (No way
    >you can do a 5 year plan to produce things nobody has invented yet!)
    >Near as I can tell nobody in power cares if western/popular culture pushes
    >into Islamic culture and displaces it or not. Because it is not static,
    >the older leaders of the western countries usually express disdain for
    >their own popular culture. Can't blame them, piercings give me
    >fantods. (Meme of the day, nipple rings and chain mail is a bad
    >Keith Henson

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