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    > > When I look at culture, both here and abroad, it doesn't seem to work
    > > way. The force of nature and the force of culture often seem to work
    > > against each other and I want to know why. What is it about culture
    > > gives it the power to change the world and override the laws of nature?
    >Well maybe you could give some examples. I wonder what you
    >consider as the laws of nature, i guess these "laws" are just some
    >cultural elements too.

    Laws of nature are descriptions of how the world around us operates based on
    the observations of people who have studied it. Yes, the laws are manmade,
    the the phenomena they describe are observably relevant to our lives. The
    laws of genetics, for example say that evolution is ruled by changes based
    on chance. Now we are using our memes (the laws about how genes create
    bodies) to substitute our own needs and desires for the rule of chance. We
    alter crops genetically to repell pests. We alter animals to grow faster
    and provide more meat and milk. We alter fish to grow fatter and faster.
    This gives evolution a direction it never had before. Part of life is meme
    directed now rather than gene directed. The percentage we are taking over
    is accelerating.

    We have used memes to create matter that is found nowhere else in nature
    with quantum dots. We have invented machines that let us see things the
    senses nature gave use can't see. We can travel around the world in a
    matter of hours instead of years or months. We can see things happening
    half-a-world a way at the time it is happening. We can defy gravity in ways
    no animal can and travel beyond the borders of earth and our solar system.

    These are all powers our memes have given us. They are beyond anything on
    earth that is not meme directed. Computers, which are the embodyment of
    memes, may soon be able to exceed our own abilities. What is it about memes
    that give us this power over our planet, our lives and our universe. How do
    they do what they do?

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