RE: playing at suicide

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Date: Sat Jan 12 2002 - 17:12:58 GMT

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    >Grant, as a newcomer to this list, you may wish to drop the personal
    >innuendos against Richard. For reasons that are your own, you have chosen,
    >for example, to insinuate that Richard is compromised by his business
    >activities. Richard and I don't always agree on everything, but I deeply
    >respect the thinking that he has done, the coherence of his views, and his
    >patience in explaining it all here. I suggest you focus on the substance of
    >his views and contributions here, and spare us the antagonism and
    >self-justifications. This might also make it easier for us to attend to
    >own views.

    Lawrence, you are quite right. Our conversation got off to a bad start when
    Richard's first reply contained an attempt to ridicule my ideas. I tended
    to reply in kind and it got out of hand soon after that. I should have
    ignored his jibe and kept my replies more in spirit with the tone of the
    list. As a newby I didn't yet have a good feel for the tone of the
    conversations here. That's an observation, not an excuse. I will endeavor
    to play it straighter in the future.


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