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Date: Sat Jan 12 2002 - 16:18:51 GMT

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    >What you are failing to see here Grant, is that you made an assumption
    >me. When called on for that behavior you shifted your position and then
    >claimed it was directed at the field of anthropology. This only discredits
    >yourself even more. You then, turn around and proceed to make a set of
    >assumptions regarding Richard Brodie - the very same behavior I called into
    >question initially with respect to your dialogue with me.

    Yes, I'm making assumptions about you. We (humans) all make assumptions
    about the world around us and the people in it. You just made one about me.
      So what's the big deal? Is it a one-way street where you can do it and I
    can't? There's not enough time in anyone's life to verify every assumption
    one makes about everything in his life. All you had to do, for example, to
    veryfy how I was using the word "you" was to go back and read the previous
    paragraph. You didn't bother. (assumption) Yet you expect everyone else to
    do that sort of thing. (assumption based on your previous statement)

    It looks to me (assumption) like you are determined to take offense at
    something that was in no way intended to offend. That's something you are
    doing, not something I did to you. If you want to go around feeling
    offended and violated by every imagined slight, go right ahead. That's your
    right and your choice. It's you who are doing the suffering because of it,
    no one else. Certainly not me.

    If you can pick a pronoun out of a paragraph and use it to make yourself
    feel bad you can expect to have a lot of bad days in your life.

    Heres to better days. Grant

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