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Date: Sat Jan 12 2002 - 01:14:06 GMT

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    >Dear Sphinx,
    >I think you are leaping to a conclusion here. I only mentioned the field
    >anthropology and what I think anthropologists in general may be doing
    >because they don't take memes into consideration. Nowhere in my post did I
    >refer to you personally.

    Grant, I considered that when you used the word "you", you may have meant
    plural and not singular. But, then, to give you the benefit of the doubt, I
    thought, surely, you cannot be making such an assumption about an entire

    >Perhaps the general attitude in scientific circles toward the subject of
    >memes has made you a little sensitive.

    What makes me a "little sensitive" is when people make assumptions without
    bothering to verify if there is anything substantive to the assumption
    before carrying on from that base.

    >I suspect that's especially true when I attack the "selfish meme" theory.
    >Richard Brodie, for instance, has invested a great deal of time, energy and
    >money in that theory and has even started building a business empire based
    >on it. I understand he even quit a job with Microsoft in order to pursue
    >it. I'm sure that must affect his and other people's attitudes toward a
    >rougue theory that attacks what he has so much invested in.

    What you are failing to see here Grant, is that you made an assumption about
    me. When called on for that behavior you shifted your position and then
    claimed it was directed at the field of anthropology. This only discredits
    yourself even more. You then, turn around and proceed to make a set of
    assumptions regarding Richard Brodie - the very same behavior I called into
    question initially with respect to your dialogue with me.

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