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    At 05:15 PM 11/01/02 +0000, you wrote:

    >Vincent, hi
    > >"so the notion of people seeing acts as more legitimate because
    > >others are seen to perform them is problematised."
    >yes it is problematised - and as with anything in a complex multifaceted
    >social world in which one or many events can have one or many outcomes,
    >there can be no irrefutable evidence - the best we can do is produced
    >narratives with internal and external consistency.
    >TO this end there IS a wealth of laboratory experimental evidence that
    >demonstrates disinhibition via media. You can dismiss such laboratory
    >experiments of course because they are conducted in artificial conditions
    >There IS also a wealth of natural experimental evidence that demonstrates
    >effects expected by disinhibition - which you can also dismiss because not
    >all variables are controlled for - precisely because they are conducted in
    >the real world.

    Classic one being the well documented spikes that occur in suicides right
    after the suicide of some public person.

    Keith Henson

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