RE: playing at suicide

From: Richard Brodie (
Date: Fri Jan 11 2002 - 18:10:22 GMT

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    ><<give me an example
    >of a meme that is NOT a tool.>>

    >I suspect your definition of "tool" is broad enough to include everything,
    >but given names are a nice example of memes that spread without much regard
    >to their utility to the host.

    <<If a businessman like yourself can't see how given or any other names are
    used to confer status and establish identity on a person or a product, you
    must not be awake yet. ;-)> I refer you to HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND
    INFLUENCE PEOPLE and what it has to say about names. If that's not using
    them as a tool, I don't know what is.>>

    When I read your response I thought you didn't bother to take the time to
    figure out what I was driving at, but instead wrote back the first thing
    that came to mind that you felt meshed with your theory. As a result I lost
    some interest in the discussion.

    You might search the archives a year or two ago for a long conversation
    between a guy named Chuck and me, among others. He was another believer that
    utility was the sole selector of memes. He departed the list without ever
    gaining a good understanding of the basics of memetic theory, I think. I
    hope you have better results but you seem more interested in selling your
    own theory than in the topic of this discussion list.

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