RE: Knowledge, Memes and Sensory Perception

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Date: Fri Jan 11 2002 - 16:24:44 GMT

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    At 04:38 PM 11/01/02 +1100, you wrote:
    >At 08:40 AM 10/01/02 -0800, you wrote:
    > >What if I never have children. Are the stands of DNA in my cells not genes?
    > >
    > >You have simply identified a phenomenon that is not very interesting in
    > >explaining cultural evolution.
    > >
    >I agree Richard
    >We have to separate the meme from its manifestation. We don't hear
    >geneticists confusing genes and cells. In my view the thought becomes
    >contagious because it is memeticly recognised as valid. The thought, or the
    >article, is not a meme.
    >Also I worry that memetics is being used to develop a theory of cultural

    Back in late 1996 Aaron Lynch and I went at this subject tooth and nail on
    alt.memetics in the thread "Re: Definition of a Meme."

    The whole thing is archived on Google.groups. I can't say we came to an
    agreement, but the subject is sure hashed out.

    Keith Henson

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