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Date: Fri Jan 11 2002 - 16:05:41 GMT

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    When you write

    > in my opinion. It's part
    > of human
    > nature to defend one's territory and particularly human to
    > define territory
    > in terms of ideas, beliefs and belief systems.
    > I suspect that's especially true when I attack the "selfish
    > meme" theory.
    > Richard Brodie, for instance, has invested a great deal of
    > time, energy and
    > money in that theory and has even started building a business
    > empire based
    > on it. >

    You display the apparent misunderstanding of the theory that Richard eloquently expressed. Selfish memes, resisting the invasion of their
    host brains / minds by competitors, produce (or are advanced as an explanation for if we accept the case as not yet proven) precisely that
    sort of defensive reaction. If you want to grant 'human nature' that much independent power (free will) you hardly need memes at all.

    Apologies in advance if I don't partcipate in a long exchange on this subject. I know some at least of the directions in which some would
    claim it takes us (no intention whatsoever) but hold to the view that memes for 'inquiry' and attempting 'enlightened choice' succeed, some
    of the time, because inquiry is a good trick in meme replication space (see review and response to Shifting the Patterns) in the J M: EMIT


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