Looking for Road Signs

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    Hello Everyone, I am a student of Communications who is working on a project
    linking Diffusion of Innovations Theory (Everett Rogers) with Memetics
    (how's that for a 'false I' meme-plex). I wanted to put some feelers out on
    this list-serv, to see if anyone has engaged in, or read about, this type of
    research. I don't think I've come up with some amazingly original idea
    here. I assume that this comparison has already been done, because it's
    been alluded to in Aaron Lynch's Thought Contagion and in Laland and
    Odling-Smee's The Evolution of the Meme. My angle on this writing is to
    recommend an extension of Diffusion Theory using Memetics--it's for a
    meta-theory class. The big end objective is for me to graduate. Any road
    signs to research articles would be greatly appreciated.

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