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Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 22:20:16 GMT

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    At 08:24 PM 10/01/02 +0800, you wrote:

    >Interesting subject, especially as some of my favourite movie personalities
    >have turned out to be followers.. I find the discussions on this list
    >fascinating from my lay perspective. Could I have a desricption of exactly
    >what is *scientology* ?

    In order of shorter to longer,

    A scam.

    A bait and switch confidence game.

    A UFO cult, where for about $160k you can reach the OT 3 level where you
    are brainwashed enough to believe this Hubbard SF story about 216 cubic
    miles of space aliens being brought to earth, stacked around volcanos and
    blasted by hydrogen bombs. According to this story, the abused spirits of
    these space alien come down to this day and attached to you as "Body
    Thetans" are the cause of all your physical and psychological (spiritual)
    troubles. For another $200k they will (using the emeter) help you get in
    telepathic contact with these alien spirits and tell them to leave your
    body. Known as the Xenu story it is posted on the net in various places in
    Hubbard's own handwriting.

    >As you said there is much on the net, I am asking on this list hoping for a
    >straight forward answer...
    >Thanks in advance

    The whole thing is barking mad, but look at it this way, you have saved
    $160-360k by asking here and not joining them.

    Keith Henson

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