RE: Knowledge, Memes and Sensory Perception

From: Lawrence DeBivort (
Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 17:53:46 GMT

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    Greetings Pieter and welcome to the list.

    Here follow my views on your questions. There is disagreement on the list
    about just what a meme is.

    > 1. Does all knowledge consist of memes or memeplexes?

    No. A meme is a belief or piece of knowledge that is framed in such a way
    that it has active self-disseminating and self-protecting characteristics.
    It thus has the ability to spread itself through society in ways that exceed
    the internal utility or merit of the belief it 'carries.'

            Meme = Belief + Disseminator Characteristics

    > 2. Are all memes received/perceived through sensory
    > perception?

    I believe so.

    > 3. Is it also possible to acquire memes through experience,
    > where the knowledge is not the direct result of recent
    > communication?

    It is possible for the Disseminator Characteristics to be embodied in the
    form of an artifact, or event, they are not limited to verbal or written
    forms. Thus, yes, they can be received in ways that do not require direct
    inter-personal communication.

    > Any explanation, reference to websites or other media will be
    > sincerely appreciated.

    Several people on this list have written excellent and provocative books and
    articles and have web-sites on memes.

    Again, a warm welcome to our list.

    Lawrence de Bivort
    The Memetics Group

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