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Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 14:51:33 GMT

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    On 01/10/02 02:09, Grant Callaghan said this-

    >my stomach sends me lots
    >of signals when I'm hungry.

    And you've learned to go the refrigerator, or to a restaurant, to stop
    these signals.

    A baby only has a set of responses to the signals from its stomach, and
    crying is the response selected for genetically.

    >Babies are just learning to communicate and not every attempt is successful.

    Totally. And part of this learning will be to variate the cries, so that
    something that tasted especially good, like, perhaps, ice cream, will get
    offered more often.

    What is learned is not the hunger, or the initial reaction and behavior
    produced by it.

    What your stomach is telling you is not a meme.

    The amount of the tip you leave at the restaurant is.

    - Wade

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