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Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 15:02:54 GMT

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    At 09:11 AM 1/10/2002 -0500, you wrote:
    >On 01/09/02 22:23, Joachim Maier said this-
    > >Then it seems to be both, a meme and an instinctual response
    >Why do people think we can have our cake and eat it, too?
    >- Wade

    Hi Wade
    Because in so many instances it is so in nature
    If you gather mushrooms (I'm a forester), you need to have it all the time
    in order to be able to eat it too. If you eat it all than you are out of
    mushrooms in that area, and cannot eat it any longer.
    I like to be a forester, because here it is so obvious that you only can
    eat it, if you have it. And, with proper management, the more you eat, the
    more you can have :)
    You don't use it, you loose it, might be the saying

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