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Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 07:26:30 GMT

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    >On 01/09/02 02:41, Philip Jonkers said this-
    >>I once again return to one of the true
    >>(practical) values of religion, a social glue.
    >Religion is one of a very varied and multifarious set
    of glues that
    >society can use. And IMHO one of the worst.

    Religion is hopelessly outdated and obsolete in modern
    society. This is reflected by the Pope admitting
    more and more scienctific truisms in catholic
    religion. If we want to reach unity as a people
    world-wide, religion is the foremost obstacle that
    has to be eliminated. Since the vast majority of
    humans adhere to some sort of religion this is
    a truly daunting task. I doubt if it will ever be
    feasible, all the more since it seems that religion
    is ingrained in the human brain. Maybe after many
    generations of enlightenment it may get evolved out.


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