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Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 07:21:42 GMT

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    ><<I'm aware that you, too, have a theory of memes.>>
    >Very kind of you, but it's hardly my theory. I was just the first one to
    >write a book on it. Dawkins and Dennett deserve the credit.
    ><<I'm not trying to sell mine.>>
    >Then why post it?
    It's in the process of development and I'm looking for counter arguements.
    There aren't many people that have enough familiarity with the subject to
    come up with a good arguement nor many places where they hang out. This
    site has been one of the most productive so far, but most of the arguements
    I get aren't serious. Many are just put downs -- which I don't mind because
    I don't have any big reputation to defend. What I do here is just a way of
    testing my theory against what may be better ideas. I hope.


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