Re: Lamarckian?

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Date: Thu Jan 10 2002 - 04:48:59 GMT

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    You wrote
    .....this appeals because we could construct a Darwinian 'learning'
    >machine (effectively a sort of neural genetic algorithm) much more
    >simply than a Lamarckian version (which must have a facility to learn
    >for a start).

    Hi all
    This sort of sentiment worries me as I see that intelligence, even within
    one culture, is subjective. Just think how many times we hear the term
    "common sense" used to describe basic understandings within specific
    spheres of knowledge. Will your 'learning machine' attempt to create a
    homogenous 'right' (no pun intended) form of learning?
    I also have problems with notions of 'fitness'. Is fitness might, right,
    lucky, devious, savage, egotistic, careless of the ramifications of its
    actions - who is to say?
    Chomsky says that the Western nations have been successful because they
    were able to completely inculcate violence - will that make us 'fit' to
    survive. Is a culture that threatens to ruin the habitat which is mutually
    owned by the rest of its species 'intelligent' (fit) enough to survive.
    Will you impose your version of intelligence on those who already deny that
    you have any, or are we to revert to the convert or perish methods of
    What meme drives this thought - 'might-is-right'?

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