RE: playing at suicide

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Date: Wed Jan 09 2002 - 21:44:36 GMT

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    Well, inside that little whistling thingie, there is a miniature
    Sensory-Cognition Device (SCD). It begins to mature when the pot first comes
    out of the factory, and gains experience and a sense of aesthetics as (and
    the pot) grows older. It can even learn to anticipate a full boil,
    especially if its master/user is sometimes slow to turn the heat down. It
    evolves to this point (via Darwinian processes) because if the heat isn't
    turned down quickly enough, the pot can boil off all its water, the
    whistling thingie must stop whistling, though it is left in great pain, and
    all the metal parts of the pot can melt down, resulting in a horrible
    smelling death. I know.

    Happy new year, Richard, and all you other memetic rascals!


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    > <<Almost any mother can listen to her baby and tell you if it
    > wants milk, a
    > diaper change, or just some attention. She knows because the baby
    > communicated the want or need to her. If the baby didn't know it had the
    > need, it wouldn't be able to express it.>>
    > Does a whistling teapot know it needs to be poured?

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