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Date: Wed Jan 09 2002 - 17:38:43 GMT

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    > At 10:11 AM 08/01/02 -0800, you wrote:
    > >Keith Henson
    > >(practical memetics at)
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >Keith,
    > >
    > >I notice you're an apostate of the "Church of Scientology."
    > Not at all.
    > "Apostate" means former member. I have never done anything that would
    > make me a scientologist.

    Fair enough. But why is your website entitled operating thetan? Surely you
    realize that anyone who knows anything about Scientology will think you're a
    member. After looking over your site, I could only assume that you're one
    of those legendary, persecuted ex-members.

    > >I've always felt L. Ron Hubbard provides an excellent example of the
    > >tactical use of memes. Fifty years ago, he introduced his self-help
    > >concepts under the term, Dianetics. This word sounds enough like
    > >"dialectics" that it takes on a sheen of philosophical
    > >respectability. But it didn't work well enough for Hubbard, so he
    > >introduced the term, Scientology. In this case, he was playing on our
    > >desire for religious authority. Since the only modern institution that
    > >can fulfill our desire for an absolute authority is science, from a
    > >memetic point of view, the term makes perfect sense. What he
    > >demonstrated is that memes that exploit our religious impulse
    > >succeed over ones that play on our philosophical pretensions.
    > >
    > >Ted Dace
    > The story of Hubbard, scientology and the incredible soap opera on the net
    > is far weirder than anything you mention here.

    Of course. So what?

    > The only point I can agree
    > on is that scientology is a type case for memetic studies.

    And that's the only point I was making. Do I detect a note of hostility?


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