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Date: Wed Jan 09 2002 - 13:53:11 GMT

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    On 01/08/02 23:14, Grant Callaghan said this-

    >When a baby cries, mommy sticks a nipple in
    >its mough. The need is satisfied. That was a meme he used

    If that is true- if you think that those instinctive reactions, the
    baby's and the mother's- are memetic, than I have to announce my
    separation from your tribe.

    Although I'm sitting on a fence, I lean over at almost all times to the
    side that places memetic activity in at least another level than
    instinctive behavioral activity. The propagation mechanisms of birdsong
    (imitation, behavioral algoritms), may be involved in memetic activity in
    humans, but birdsong itself is not memetic, from my side of the fence.
    And if environmental behaviors like birdsong are not memetic, than
    reactive instinctual infant behaviors like crying when hungry, ain't

    - Wade

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