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Date: Wed Jan 09 2002 - 13:45:49 GMT

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    On 01/08/02 22:56, Grant Callaghan said this-

    >he didn't get those memes from drinking
    >the water.

    Unless, 'drinking the water' of where one is does _exactly_ that- when
    the built-in acclimation mechanisms of our genetic and developmental
    being are working correctly. The 'need to fit in' might be a mechanism of
    adapting to the present cultural environment. The tools at hand, so to
    speak. Assuming the actual use of the tool can get transmitted.
    Otherwise, we have british police sergeants trying to use the bidet in
    Poirot's water closet, or other, even more embarrassing gaffes of usage,
    like giving the okay sign in Brasil. I'm sure those among us who are
    well-travelled can offer many such instances.

    And what can get done 'naturally', like speech patterns and social
    groupings based upon hierarchies, gets done, naturally.

    What we are capable of absorbing during our developmental years is still
    a studied matter, but those capabilities don't just hang up their coats
    and relax, although a good deal of the closet may be full.

    - Wade

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