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Date: Wed Jan 09 2002 - 08:09:52 GMT

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    >Been away (I've got a seven week old son now!) but
    wanted to join in=20
    >(haven't read the back posts yet...)
    >> And all I have to do to come to this conclusion is
    say, Harry Potter.
    >But what you can't say is "Harry Potter and the
    Philosopher's Stone" cos
    >it was renamed for the US release. Bear in mind
    that 'species' is not
    >really all that great a concept - very fuzzy - c.f.
    Drosophila species
    >complexes - some can interbreed, some partially
    interbreed, some matings
    >are sterile, some never mate (but *could* have
    fertile offspring but for
    >the behavioural constraints). Beware when people say
    *can't* mate; they
    >often just mean don't under normal circumstances. And
    plants! What a=20
    >bloody mess (partly because plant architecture is
    more robust).

    Why do we even have to talk about `species' in culture.
    The only field where it is valuable is Biology and
    even there as Chris points out (and I did too some
    months ago) you run into all kinds of difficulties
    produced by border-cases for instance.

    Culture and biology are both evolutionary processes,
    but that doesn't mean that a property present in one
    is also featured in the other. I again refer to
    Blackmore's The Meme Machine who can tell you more.

    By the way, congrats Chris with your son... Cheers!


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