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Date: Wed Jan 09 2002 - 07:41:36 GMT

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    >>I do too believe that memes are adopted
    >>only when deemed valuable or fitness increasing as
    >>I have put it in one of the hypotheses submitted to
    >>this list.
    >Adopted by whom?

    Hi Wade, `adopted' refers to whoever...

    >The child, indoctrinated into a religious overview,
    has no opportunity to
    >deem this valuable.

    Interesting remark. But mind you I only use fitness
    in an analyzing abstract way. I do not expect people
    to explicitly think in terms of fitness increasing
    potential when adopting memes. Children are the last
    category I expect to do that. And yet they do have at
    least a vague notion I believe.

    Suppose for some reason a kid rebels against his
    religious parents and tries to run away from sunday
    school, masses and the lot. He will raise
    the wrath of his parents who will quickly try to
    correct him to comply to the wishes of the almighty
    god. He is promised hell and damnation, social
    exclusion and what not, if he persists in his
    obstinacy. The naive kid is bound to fearfully and
    eagerly change his mind and will be glad to adopt
    religious memes. If not he will experience a genuine
    fitness decrement in that he seriously faces social
    expulsion (possibly by his own family!).

    I once again return to one of the true
    (practical) values of religion, a social glue.


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