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    At 09:35 PM 08/01/02 +0100, you wrote:

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    >From: Keith Henson <>
    > > Moving on to the crash kid, in a tribal environment, gaining a lot of
    > > attention by some heroic act is the obvious way to improve your chances to
    > > obtain a wife. (Status and sex anyway.) You see someone getting a lot of
    > > attention and if you are no good at sorting out negative and positive
    > > attention, you emulate ben Ladin, or rather in this case, the memeoids
    > > created by ben Ladin and his cult.
    >Hi Keith,
    >Some odd questions, though !
    >Maybe I am on the wrong track here, but how on earth you gonna get
    >a wife, a girlfriend by emulating bin Laden and his cult... in America these
    >days !?
    >A heroic act !? He died !

    People *often* die in heroic acts. And it make no difference if you or I
    think he was doing something stupid, what is important to understand his
    actions from an evolutionary psychology viewpoint is how he felt about it.

    >Obtaining attention and a wife were not the boys
    >motives to crash a plane in a building !

    I disagree. A substantial fraction of what people do is directed toward
    gaining status. Those actions led directly to reproductive success (most
    of the time and in a tribal environment).

    >In my newspaper this morning the fact that the boy was a fan of King
    >Arthur and his knights of the Round Table was brought up. Maybe we
    >are looking to pick holes in the boys his clothes, but a psychologist on
    >the news did mention the following,
    >" It is strange that youngsters, 14- 19, are crashing planes in building,
    >set whole forests on fire and burn down churches."
    >Maybe the boy was just another tiny piece of a worldwide spread
    >(virus)-puzzle !?
    >Maybe the boy was not imitating bin Laden, but his fellow- youngsters
    >in Australia !?
    >Setting fire to a nearby wood would not have giving the same impact
    >than crashing a plane in a building !
    >Teens imitate teens, remerber ! Nurture by the kin- group is far more
    >important than the teaching of the eldery, parents, bin Laden or other-
    >wise !

    Maybe, but the note found on him was clear about bin Laden.

    Keith Henson

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