Re: playing at suicide

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Date: Tue Jan 08 2002 - 21:01:38 GMT

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    From: Grant Callaghan <>

    > The child finds the adoption of the cultural norms of his society valuable
    > by allowing him to fit in and become a part of it. There is a genetic
    > to belong to a tribe and religion or a belief system is one of the things
    > that defines the tribes to which we belong. Not fitting in causes fear
    > anxiety. Not having a tribe can kill you.

    Hi Grant,

    Can 't agree ! The child did not adopt anything, he is, like Wade said
    trained, indoctrinated with "belief -systems " about how to live his life
    and to what kind of God he should pray to !
    In cases like this, I take my own personal life as example to contradict
    your assumption. There is, and I do know that for sure no genetic need
    inside me to belong to a group, I do not belong to a tribe or to whatso-
    ever. I feel no fear nor anxiety, I am a ' loner ', absolutely !
    And yet, there was no need, nor a desire to kill myself... others, is a
    whole new ballgame !!

    If of course, belonging to a group includes being part of the working-
    class, than I belong to a group, than I am a piece of a greater whole,
    but than again it is not with my content !



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