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    Been away (I've got a seven week old son now!) but wanted to join in
    (haven't read the back posts yet...)

    > And all I have to do to come to this conclusion is say, Harry Potter.

    But what you can't say is "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" cos

    it was renamed for the US release. Bear in mind that 'species' is not

    really all that great a concept - very fuzzy - c.f. Drosophila species

    complexes - some can interbreed, some partially interbreed, some matings

    are sterile, some never mate (but *could* have fertile offspring but for
    the behavioural constraints). Beware when people say *can't* mate; they
    often just mean don't under normal circumstances. And plants! What a
    bloody mess (partly because plant architecture is more robust).

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