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    > >I do too believe that memes are adopted
    > >only when deemed valuable or fitness increasing as
    > >I have put it in one of the hypotheses submitted to
    > >this list.
    >Adopted by whom?
    >The child, indoctrinated into a religious overview, has no opportunity to
    >deem this valuable.
    >But, yes, the society did, which is why it trains the children in these
    >If memes were only deemed valuable, no-one would have any- like
    >breathing, you can't take the time to actually think about what you're
    >doing, nor does the body let you. You just breathe.
    >- Wade
    The child finds the adoption of the cultural norms of his society valuable
    by allowing him to fit in and become a part of it. There is a genetic need
    to belong to a tribe and religion or a belief system is one of the things
    that defines the tribes to which we belong. Not fitting in causes fear and
    anxiety. Not having a tribe can kill you.


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