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    From: Vincent Campbell <>

    > With Phillips-like research, in which such views are rooted, the 100%
    > increase in people flying a plane into a building deliberately would be
    > proof of cause and effect, but I see no evidence of this. Paul predicted
    > such copy-cat attempts pretty soon after the original attack, but several
    > months on there has been this one case. How long does media coverage
    > resonate with audiences with contagious effect? In other words what is
    > period in which such contagions remain powerful? Is it only on immediate
    > exposure, does it seep into people to reemerge weeks, months, years later
    > what? There's no coherence to this kind of contagion idea to my mind.

    Hi everyone,

    I do agree with Vincent here !
    I find it very odd that after such a long period of time, a yound lad got
    idea to crash a plane into a building !
    On Belgium TV, already the views with contempt were spread, the boy
    was sick, he was insane, he got a low intelligence profile, he was
    that kind of nonsens.

    Like I said in an earlier post, it all can come down to childsplay. Even the
    ' proof ' of being influenced by bin Laden, the suicide- note... like I
    we do anything do discharge the child from any responsibility.
    No the kid was not insane, he was under influence of bin Laden !

    In my mind, the real contaigon agent, is the fact that another plane crashed
    into a building. The mere idea of fear transmitted itself throughtout the
    Intangibled with the constructions of what happened on the 9/ 11 the patho-
    gens of fear spread. The captivating idea of crashing planes into buildings
    is IMO not the contaigon that sweeped across the land.

    Read Stephen E Ross,



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